Industrial Door Maintenance

At Integrity Door Services, our motto is ‘Do it once, do it right.’ When clients call us to manufacture custom roller shutters or roller doors for their commercial or industrial premises, we strive to build the perfect product the first time. From time to time, though, things do happen. Industrial doors—even the most well-built ones—can be damaged by workplace accidents, storms, and other severe weather-related events, vandalism and the simple decay of time.

For all the above reasons, we offer preventative maintenance contracts throughout South East Queensland—both for the doors that we manufacture and install, and most doors from other brands. If you need industrial door maintenance in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich or anywhere else in the SEQ area, let us know.

The Value of Preventative Maintenance

Why should you consider investing in preventative industrial door maintenance in Gold Coast? Quite simply, having someone come in and inspect or service your door on a regular basis is less costly and less risky than waiting for the door to break down.

At Integrity Door Services, we can set up maintenance contracts with you on a yearly or quarterly basis. When you establish this kind of agreement with us, what we do is come out to your location at predetermined intervals and take a look at your door.

During these inspections, we look at everything: the motor, the slats, the track, the support drums, etc. If there are faults, we will find them and point them out to you before they cause safety or productivity issues. If you need a repair or two, we will let you know and even supply the spare parts to get the job done. We manufacture our own roller doors and industrial doors, so you can count on us to provide reliable spare parts that will solve the problem at the first time of asking.

Industrial door breakdowns can put a sizable hole in the security of your building or worksite. They can cut down on efficiency and make it more difficult for your factory, warehouse or loading bay workers to do their jobs. If the door happens to fail in the middle of a workday, these breakdowns can even pose a threat to your workers, your vehicles and other property.

When you call Integrity Door Services for preventative industrial door maintenance in Ipswich or Brisbane, you cut down on the likelihood of breakdowns. You extend the life of your door and reduce the risk of downtime, security problems or safety issues. Since Integrity Door Services is always keeping up with the latest Australian standards—to apply them to our own door designs—we can also help you stay compliant.

Set up Your Preventative Industrial Door Maintenance Plan in Gold Coast, Ipswich or Brisbane

Are you interested in arranging a maintenance plan for your industrial doors, to protect them from the passage of time? If so, call Integrity Door Services today. You can reach us by dialling 07 3274 4177 right now.

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